Week one: Thailand “An en-Thai-rely awesome week”

For week one we will be going on a voyage through beautiful Thailand, exploring some traditional dishes, the Thai language, culture, and the geography. We will also dive into some Thai art work and technique. On Friday we will enjoy some delicious Thai food, and throughout the week we will play traditional Thai music for our children, as well as explore the art of Yoga, and meditation; a real Zen way 0to start off our summer camp, of course we will also explore the outside and have many activities that will go hand in hand with Thai outdoor culture.

Week two: Food & cooking “lettuce turnip the beet”

Parents, this week is going to be deliciously awesome! Our tiny chefs will be embarking upon the art of raw cooking from appetizers to desserts…each day we will introduce a fun and secret ingredient alongside a lesson on how to transform it into a three course meal, and a drink. Because the culinary field is a work of art within its own right, we will be discovering what it is like to make art out of food by using techniques such as sculpting, modifying, and science!

Week three: Italy “Buongiorno, let’s -Rome- around”

Pasta, pizza, cheese, and bread, what a scrumptious week ahead! This week we will learn about Italian style, and art. We will explore fashion and design elements, we will learn how to build our own pizza, and look into some traditional scarf dancing. We will talk about the language and the currency, as well as the traditions. Puppetry is a very popular art form in Italy, and Pinocchio is one of the most famous tales told; we will be watching the 1940 Disney movie and bringing to life our very own Pinocchio puppets through the use of mixed media.  

Week four: Oceanography “Under the sea is where mermaids like to be”

This week is all about water, the weather will be nice and warm, and the kids will be ready to make a splash in our water-palooza week! We will do our days’ waterpark/outdoor style, and explore all the fun H2O has to bring. We will have many activities such as a “dirty car wash” “under the sea sensory bins” “garden soup” an “ice age bin” and SO much more. We will enjoy home-made organic frozen treats, and we will have a “freshly squeezed lemonade stand”. The Wonderland playground will transform into a waterpark resort, to ease the warm summer days!

Week five: Mexico “Let’s Taco about it, it’s going to be Mex-cellent!”

Ay, ay, ayyy it’s a wondrous fiesta! We will be having a party with lots of music, dancing, and of course tacos. We will do a piñata swinging for each age group, and play LOTS of sensory games such as “pin the flower on the cactus”, “jump like a jumping bean”, and “Mexican kick-ball”

Week six: Dance/movement/body “Moves like Jagger”

Dance your heart out! Your kiddos will be active and moving all week, so expect some tired little ones. We will explore all types of music and dance, from Zumba, to stretching, to dancing with ribbons; and strengthening our jumping skills. We will have loads of fun shaking up our bodies and spirits!

Week seven: France “Bonjour, would you like some French-fries?”

This week is all about France, we will learn about French cuisine, music, art, and the language! We will read ratatouille, and recreate our own recipe book, and learn how to make….FRENCH FRIES, and so much more!

Week eight: Archeology “Tiny diggers”

This week will be all about digging and finding….dinosaurs galore! We will learn about fossils and the process of fossilizing. We will create art that will focus on the pre-historic era, and learn about all sorts of fun elements that once were around…we will have sensory dinosaur bins for exploration, we will be carving our own fossils, lots of exploration and imagination this week!  

Week nine: Space camp “I love you to the -Moon- and back”

This week is all about space, and the planetary system; our tiny astronauts will learn how to papier-mâché their very own planet. We will learn how rockets fly and even test them out! Since the moon is made out of cheese, we will of course snack on cheese and even write our own stories about outer space!  

Week ten: Scavenger hunt/obstacle course/pirates “Hop aboard, Matey!”

Week ten will surely be a sad one as our fantastic summer comes to an end, we thought: what better than to end with an adventure? So, pirates it is! The kids will now be used to exploration and quests through the worlds far-away places! We will revisit and spark once more drifting off into lands and press our way through obstacles and scavenger hunts to find prizes, laughter, and fun.